Paula has been associated with Crealdé School of Art pretty much the whole time we’ve lived in Central Florida. One of the many cool things they do is a summer program called ‘Art Camp.’ It’s basically a day camp where kids between the ages of 4 and 17 create art projects under the direction of professional artists. Paula teaches photography and pottery and has always had a blast with it. Although I’ve heard rumors that some of the other teachers get a little frazzled by summer’s end. Maybe. Ahem.

Anyway, once the classes wrap up, the teachers collect the work and get together midweek to mount a display in the school’s gallery. Then on to opening night! The kids and their parents come out on a Saturday night to enjoy their creations and bask in their glory.

And you know what? The work is, in fact, glorious. Painting, sculpture, clay, photography, wood cuts and more. The place is a riot of color and energy. The work itself is fresh, unselfconscious, uninhibited and surprisingly sophisticated.


> video coming soon! I’m on the road today. <



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