Kindred Spirits

Artists Paula Davis and Adrienne H Lee will make their debut this week as Kindred Spirits. An artistic dream team, I’m thinking! Please join us. By the way, it’s indoors.

The event: Big Bang Bazaar

Time and place: August 26th, 2017 from 11-5

Central Florida Fairground

4603 W. Colonial Dr

Orlando, FL 32808

Did I mention that it’s indoors?



More info here:


I am an art historian who loves to connect with people through a shared love of ART. My specialty is bringing art history into the 21st century and illustrating how we are creating the art history of the future via today’s pop culture. I am also an artist, a freelance writer, an avid reader (I love research!) and a world traveler. I am taking a creative approach to life with an emphasis on all things ART. My journey might look strange, but don’t worry – I’m not lost, I’m just wandering.


“It’s amazing what one can make from a ball of clay, or coils of clay, or a slab of clay. The finished artwork can be functional or sculptural, or sometimes both. Creating with clay is playful, challenging, calming, and rewarding. It is sheer joy to open the kiln after a glaze firing and behold the finished glazed pieces (mostly), like opening presents on a holiday or one’s birthday! I could live ten life times and not exhaust all that can be created with clay.”

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