Top Ten Things I Like About Running

10. You say you’re looking for pure being and a glimpse of the Way? There are moments . . .

9. When you cross that finish line, even if the race was only a mile, the whole world will open up for you. Have you spent your life thinking that you were incapable of rising higher? You just proved that you’re more capable than you thought.

8. Sweat.

7. Partly the legs, partly the mind, mostly the heart.

6. The runner’s high is a real thing. Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘better living through chemistry.’

5. Runners tend to be really nice people and great encouragers for each other. Definitely a community. Good at raising money for helping folks, too.

4. It’s an honorable thing to come in last.

3. Stronger, leaner, tanner, fitter, healthier . . .

2. You can spend as much money as you like on running, but you can also enjoy it for very little. Decent pair of shoes, and off you go. Oh yeah, and pants. You’ll want pants.

1. Great legs.

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