Habits: They’re Not Just for Nuns Anymore!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Does that work for you? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Me too.

Perhaps there’s another way to think about it. Let’s try this:

Short term – goals rule. Long haul – systems will get you there. Both are important, neither is sufficient by itself.

Is there a practical link between the two? Something you can do right now that will generate better results? Glad you asked! It’s actually very simple.

Let’s all do this in 2018:

1. Create five affirmations of constructive habits in the form of gratitude statements.
2. Speak them morning, noon and night.
3. Actually do the hard work that leads to transformation. Ha! I promised simple, not easy. I also promise that it’s worth it.

That’s it! Let’s do this thing, and I’ll meet you back here in January of 2019 for a celebration of our success.

Here are my 2018 statements. I’d love to hear yours.

1. I am grateful for healthy habits.

2. I am grateful for the habit of speaking kind and loving words.

3. I am grateful for the habit of prospering.

4. I am grateful for the habit of expressing appreciation.

5. I am grateful for the habit of trusting God.

Mighty blessings my friends for a wondrous 2018!

P.S. Bonus affirmation in a slightly different form: ‘more outdoors, less internet.’
Can I get an amen?

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