A Breathing Meditation 

Focus, expand. Expand, focus.

Breathe in. Your lungs fill, your throat opens, your shoulders lift, your ribs and arms feel stronger. Your heart is right there in the center. Pulsing, rhythmic, open. It’s your soul engine.

Breathe out. Quietly, steadily, measured and intentional. Pay attention now, and you can feel the energy moving in your whole body. Your heart and lungs, your fingertips, your very toes poise and prepare for the next wave of breath.

Inward, outward. Create space, fill space. Plant, harvest. Regroup, be.

We grow stronger, body and soul, when we breathe intentionally. When we live, move, breathe and have our being in the presence of the divine. So be quiet now, listen to your soul, and breathe.

Focus, expand. Expand, focus.

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