Top Ten Guitarists

Completely subjective and in alphabetical order:

Steve Howe (ok, this one’s not in alphabetical order, because he’s STEVE HOWE!)

Chuck Berry – well, he started it, didn’t he?

Tommy Emmanuel – max virtuosity, with wit and soul. Chet would be proud.

Steve Hackett – his solos were compositions unto themselves. Check out ‘Selling England By the Pound.’

Scott Henderson – ferocious jazz fusion with rock roots.

Jimi Hendrix – left us all speechless.

Curtis Mayfield – such a warm, fat tone.

Pat Metheny – he brought melody back to jazz. For a while, anyway.

Prince – audacious on all counts.

Joe Scott – created his own unique thing. Not many people can say that!

Derek Trucks – spiritual godson of Duane Allman.

— ok, you caught me! That’s one more than ten, because this list goes to eleven!