A Special Place

A little boostery, but hey, it’s what I see:

Blairsville GA!

Super friendly people.

Mountains, parks, trails, waterfalls, lakes, rivers.

It’s quiet, the air is fresh, you can see stars at night.

Endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Running, hiking, biking, rafting.

Farmer’s markets and fresh organic food everywhere you look. Art for days. Festivals.

More good restaurants than you might expect, given the small population, although I’d certainly be glad to see some more Thai, Indian and vegan options! They’re coming, no doubt.

Speaking of which, if you’re a young person with skilz and a work ethic, why not come here (or stay here!) and start a business? Or teach? Or work the trades? Or …
There’s a decided buzz of anticipation and forward movement happening in Blairsville.

Conventional wisdom says that young people want to be in major cities, and I get that. The cities are progressive, they’re exciting, that’s where the great ideas and big opportunities are.

On the other hand, you just might have a shot at buying a house here, so there’s that! Bring some of that young energy and build something for the future, for all of us. That’s a special kind of opportunity too. And hey, there are some pretty happening cities within a couple of hours.

Did I mention that the people are super friendly?