Listen To Your Body

We’ve been here in the North Georgia mountains for six months now, and I have to say I’m having the time of my life running-wise. And otherwise!

Running here is a completely different game compared to running in Florida. There, my favorite running spot was the West Orange Trail in Winter Garden. 22 miles of smooth asphalt, pretty much in a straight line with no elevation changes, and there are distance markers embedded in the trail at tenth of a mile intervals. I could look back through my running logs right now and tell you that on a particular day in, say, 2015 I ran 5.2 miles. 5.4 the day after that and so forth.

Here? Nothing is a straight line, you’re running up and down some fairly steep hills and the surface changes constantly. Mile markers? Ha!

It took me about two seconds to adapt. Somewhat to my surprise! I don’t track anything, I have no idea what my distances are, I have no idea what my times are.

Instead, I listen to my body. It’s pretty simple, really. You push to your (self perceived) limit and then do a little more. I’m getting better results than ever before. More joy, more freedom, more connection with the beautiful natural world around me.

Whether or not you run, is there some area of your life where that applies?