Christmas Movies!

A Christmas Story – this movie is number one for a lot of people.
I don’t know why.

Christmas Vacation – notably quotably hilarious. I would love to see this in a theater with a bunch of hard core fans.

Die Hard – is this a Christmas movie or a movie set at Christmas time?
Yippie-Ki-Yay …

Elf – “Ow! Son of a Nutcracker!”

Ernest Saves Christmas – a low brow guilty pleasure, I’ll grant you, but I love this movie. Know whut I mean?

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas – the original, thank you very much! Although we’re going to see the latest one later today, so who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind.

It’s a Wonderful Life – you matter.

Love Actually – a collection of love stories set at Christmas time.

Mixed Nuts – also a collection of love stories set at Christmas time!

Polar Express – worth it for the hot chocolate scene alone.

The Snowman – sublimemagicalrealismchildhoodfantasy.

White Christmas – the scene on the train where the four main characters sing those cascading vocal lines.
‘Snow, snow, snow, snow … ‘

Bonus two-fer:

A Christmas Carol – George C. Scott version. Although there’s never really been a bad version that I know of.

The Man Who Invented Christmas … earlier review here:


“Gratitude is the great multiplier of our good.” – Charles Fillmore

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.” – Smokey Robinson / Ronald White

Feeling grateful opens our hearts and deepens our awareness of our moment by moment blessings, clearing the way for ever more blessings. And if feeling grateful opens us to receiving more blessings, acting from our gratitude multiplies our blessings even more.

Please join Mike and Paula Davis on November 18th for a joyous celebration of gratitude.

There will be a community Thanksgiving feast right after the service!

Paula Davis Art – Events in November

Tonight at Wall2Wall Frames in Cartersville, GA!

This weekend at the Olive Tree Art Centre in Blairsville, GA!

“As part of the NE GA Arts Tour, come watch Paula Davis make an adorable clay pumpkin rattle in the pottery studio along with Carol Davis demonstrating her alcohol ink tile painting. Marsha Reeves will also be sharing her talented art of gourd carving in the gallery at Olive Tree Art Centre, 563 Gainesville Hwy, Blairsville, GA, Friday, November 9, from 1-3 pm.”

Follow Paula’s work at

We Don’t Need No Thought Control

I’m not too crazy about political memes on Facebook.

Why? Because a society where people can only communicate by echoing thoughts from an unknown source is a society that does not value original or creative thinking, and that, folks, is a society that is flirting with totalitarianism. Orwell 101.

Who really knows where these things come from, anyway? And why?

I’ve observed many of my friends, from both left and right, who post and repost a dozen memes or quotes a day. Some of them are funny, some of them are a little offensive, and some of them are truly ugly. I’m referring to the memes, not the friends.

Do you think any of that ever changes another person’s mind? Please, formulate and share your own thoughts and ideas. They are worthy. Believe it! You are worthy.

Our democracy thanks you. Is that an overstatement? Think about it.