And A Holy Hush Fell Over the World

It’s getting cold here in the mountains. Soon we’ll have a bit of snow, or maybe a lot of snow, and we’ll enjoy the warmth of hearth and home. It will be quiet outside as the snow falls softly. Christmas is coming.

The stable and the manger represent another kind of hearth and home, and a deeper sense of anticipation. Can you feel it? Can you see it? Picture this:

There’s an inn in a tiny village in a far country, a long time ago. The weather may be warm or cold, we don’t really know. What we do know is that the sky is extraordinarily clear and open, and that something profoundly important is about to happen.

The quiet starry night sets a scene of hushed expectation as we await the birth of a child. There are many participants, each with an important part to play, and they are journeying, converging, preparing or just quietly waiting: the shepherds, the angels, the wise men, the inn keeper, the animals, the king, the parents and the child.

The world is listening, trembling with expectation, preparing for joy.  Soon, soon. Are you ready?