Pollyanna Was Right!

Pollyanna-ish: irrepressibly optimistic, but hopelessly naive, simplistic, head in the sand, and not too bright at that.

Is that true? Or is that point of view a misunderstanding?

In reality Pollyanna represents the the best in us. After all, she changed things for the better, didn’t she?

Please take a minute to Google ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘the Glad Game,’ and then join us at Unity Church of the Mountains on March 3rd as we explore positive thinking, spiritual optimism and and an unshakable faith in the goodness of God.


The Monkees

I was sad to see that Peter Tork passed this morning. His role in the Monkees was basically ‘lovable goof,’ and he played it to perfection. And really, their music stands up very well today. They brought a lot of joy to the world. Godspeed.

Sing For Joy! #1 – ‘All You Need Is Love’

Blairsville friends, are you ready to sing some Beatles music?

Let’s meet up Thursday, February 3rd, at Unity Church of the Mountains at 6 pm for the first installment of our new music series. It’s called ‘Sing For Joy!’ We’ll kick it off with an evening of Beatles music, sing-a-long style.

Start warming up your voices and we’ll see you there!

Love offering. A portion will go to support S.A.F.E. Please check them out and consider joining us in supporting the good work they’re doing.