What are you reading? And how?

Every now and then I pick three or four familiar favorites off the shelf and just browse through them. A paragraph here, a chapter there.

That doesn’t work so well with a new book, but these are, for the most part, books that I’ve read and re-read. It’s like visiting for a few minutes with old friends.

And it’s uncanny: I can open to a random page and zero in on a paragraph that will yield a new insight. Very often it’s something I missed when I read the book straight through previously, and very often it’s something that’s useful and uplifting to me right now, today.

At the moment I’ve got these in a kind of loose rotation:

‘Living Buddha, Living Christ’ by Thich Nhat Hanh
‘Everyday Grace’ by Marianne Williamson
‘Breakfast With Buddha’ by Roland Merullo
‘Think Eat Move Thrive’ by Dr. James Rouse

What are you reading? And how?