March 15th at Unity Church of the Mountains – ‘A Question of Balance’

When we talk about balance in our lives, in our days and hours, we’re usually thinking about time. Time spent doing this, or time spent doing that. There are approximately 2.3 million books on the market that deal with time management. And that’s a good thing. Maybe. 🙂

Today, though, I invite you to shift your thinking just a little and think about balancing your life in terms of energy. Of flow, intuition and an awareness of the Holy Spirit moving in your life.

Play and pray with that for a bit, won’t you? We’ll talk more on the 15th. 10:30 am.

And remember to wash your hands – yeah, we’ll talk about that too. Aware but not afraid, that’s us.

2309 Murphy Highway
Blairsville, GA 30512