I’ll Take Difficult but Necessary for $100, please, Alex

On Sunday the 15th the board members who were present met after church, and we decided to cancel all our church events until April 5th. Not an easy decision, but clearly the right thing to do.

Where does that leave us? Ok, I’m glad you asked!

For the next two Sundays, Paula and I will offer a service via Facebook Livestream. Just the two of us, and Bob Sleczkowski has graciously (bravely?) offered to be the cameraman on those days. I’m working on a simpler, briefer service that will offer some music, meditation and a talk. Maybe even a virtual offering! More on that in a subsequent letter.

Our Facebook stream is live, real time. From there, the video is transferred to our website, usually within a day or two.

The Sunday services on line:


Church, here’s where you can help: if you are on Facebook and you know of a congregant or friend who is not, please reach out and help that person get signed up. Or, make a phone call or email and just share this information.

Also, please make it a new habit to share our Facebook posts. That one quick step really makes a difference.

We are committed to communicating clearly, honestly, transparently and often!