Credits and Kind Words


I present these encomiums (encomia?) with all due modesty in the hope that you’ll be inspired to invite me to share with your community!

I can offer music, message, concerts and workshops in various combinations, along with music team building and consulting.

How can I serve your community? Please mail me at and let’s talk!


Unity Church of the Blue Ridge, Asheville NC

Hi Mike,

Thanks again to both you and Paula for joining us last Sunday.  I appreciate you and your gifts of spirit! You are a blessing.

All my best, Darlene

Rev. Darlene Strickland

Unity Athens

“Mike, your message was potent!” – Rev. Bronte Colbert

Unity Church of the Mountains, Blairsville GA

“In the Presence of Love” – beautiful video!

I am very grateful for your consistency and clear communication.

You are the best.  Thank you.

— Gail Kreher, Unity Church of the Mountains July 2016

Mike, for all that you did last night that helped make Cozy Christmas II such a fun evening for so many, you have my heartfelt appreciation!    

— Bob Sleczkowski, Board President


Unity Citrus County

Hey Mike! I’ve heard all kinds of great things about your talk …folks were inspired…thanks for sharing your message of faith!

Rev. Marciah McCartney, Senior Minister

Subject: Re: In the Presence of Love music video

Paula and Mike – This is absolutely amazing!!! I’d love for us to start using it as our regular greeting song. Bless you both for your abundant love!!!

Rev. Marciah McCartney, Senior Minister

Unity Spiritual Center of Fruitland Park FL

I know I speak for the congregation when I say you do a wonderful job of presenting your musical talents. Your songs are so much more than words to music, they help draw us into the celebration. Thank you for that and come again!

Love and light,

Tana Thurgaland

I spoke with you at the Unity Spiritual Center about ‘That Would Be Enough’ and the sheet music for it. Do we have your permission to use it in church?  Our music directors would want that.

I enjoyed your music and worship leadership so much.  I was singing away at every opportunity.

Endless blessings,

Kay Strand

Unity Gainesville FL

re: In the Presence of Love music video: YES!!! … they are wonderful! I love that you made two videos for two different churches … Cathy DeWitt, Music Director

Unity of Gainesville GA

I affirm that Mike is ushering in a new era of speakers and presenters who are just as responsive and proactive and detailed with providing information about their program and themselves as he is!!!

I’ve been doing a version of what I do for UoG for almost 10 years now, and you BY FAR are the MOST proactive speaker/performer I have ever worked with!

Shelli Sharp, office assistant

We so enjoyed your visit and to meet Paula, too.  Your music and message is so uplifting and has a sweet note of the celebration of life.

Thanks for being a part of our lives.

— Cletus Hammer, Audio at Unity of Gainesville, GA. January 2017

Michael – We enjoyed everything about your visit.  Your message was fabulous, everyone felt so uplifted.  Look forward to seeing you and Paula again before too long.  Loved her pottery.  You two make a great team.  Many blessings, Annette

— Annette Hinton, Unity of Gainesville, GA. January 2017

Unity in the Gardens, Jupiter FL

It was a joy and pleasure to have you and Paula, Mike. You totally blessed us with your presence. If you need a reference for any other churches, please use me!!

— Blessings, Rev. Diane Robinson

Unity Jensen Beach

Your talk was like a breath of fresh air! — a visitor to Unity of Jensen Beach

Just listened to the CD ‘Let There Be Light’ and wanted you to know that I think it is excellent! Patricia is truly gifted and Lisa has the voice of an angel. Your accompaniment and the mixing has created a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your time with us at our little Unity Church in Jensen Beach. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

God Bless, Ron

— Capt. Ron Burger, Unity of Jensen Beach

Unity Orlando

Mike Davis would be a spectacular musician to invite into your church for a Sunday Service, and/or a concert. Mike is unbelievable on the keyboard and will totally “wow” your congregation … If you give him a chance to do your Sunday service, your people will come back to hear him in concert. Mike is a great musician who carries a deep spiritual consciousness that naturally radiates through his music. You will be glad you invited him into your church.

— Rev. Robert L. Marshall,

I have known Mike Davis for quite a while as a gifted musician. I have seen him grow his singing talents to match his magic on the keyboard. Now I can say I know him as a spiritual messenger. His message reflects his personal path and is an invitation to “come along.” In words, music and song, his message invites the heart to open and fill with the joy of life. Mike Davis is a gift.

— With Love & Blessings, Linda Seay, office manager,

Unity St. Petersburg

Mike Davis is such a pleasure to work with. Over the years he’s always been a shining light … happy, friendly, talented, responsive, flexible, creative … all the things a music director desires in a guest musician. Our church loves him, and we book him frequently. He’s a true blessing to the Unity community.

– Laura Watts, Music Director, Unity of St. Petersburg, FL

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate so much your working with me on the overall message. I know your music had a major impact,  and together we brought the message home.

I look forward to working with you in the future, and wish you well in your ministry.

Happy traveling and many blessings,

– – Mary Dawn Pyle, Associate Minister, Unity of St. Petersburg. July 17th, 2016

Unity Venice

Mike Davis created the most dynamic, spirit-filled energy for a Sunday service that I have experienced in 17 years of ministry. He is very easy to work with, and easily and effortlessly integrates into the Sunday order of service, creating on the spot according to the message and the energy of the church to “wow” the congregation.

I highly recommend him for Sunday services and concerts.

— Rev. Patricia Reiter,

Well it’s very apparent that you had fun creating this CD!  It’s definitely a happy one.  I really like how you layered your voice and the ladies, too.  Sometimes sounds like a full choir singing along with you!   I like “Deep Within” a lot.  The vocal with “With Awe My Heart” is a perfect addition to the instrumental.  They are each special so I can’t pick a favorite!

I’m glad you are having a grand time finding your unique expression and sharing it!  Looking forward to the next one!

— Celia Marion

Unity Vero Beach

Mike Davis not only provided the music for our Twelve Powers Easter Service but also coordinated the service, delivered the message and led the meditation. All of these aspects were executed with Mike’s consummate professionalism combined with Divine Inspiration. I’ve been in awe of Mike’s musical talents from our first meeting, but as this service demonstrated, he has a wealth of untapped gifts that are only beginning to be opened. Thank you so much Mike!

— Peggi McCloud, soloist, former board member,

I was a singing and speaking participant in Mike’s Easter service in Vero Beach. I thoroughly enjoyed Mike’s talk, especially his use of multiple sources, his clear connection with traditional Easter messages, and his Unity interpretation of Easter as it occurs in each one of us. It was great to have the Twelve Powers tied in with the overall message, utilizing adults and children to enhance the service. And, as always, Mike used music to emphasize the message. It is always a pleasure to work with and hear from Mike.

— Keith Eble, soloist, past board president,

Unity Wilmington, NC

Thank you for taking time to come and meet with me in Orlando.  I enjoyed getting to know you in person and I am quite certain that our paths will cross again.

Sending love,

Mindy Tucker, Senior Minister, Unity of Wilmington, NC

Center for Spiritual Living Central FL

Thank you so much my friend!  It was so great to see you at the Center and watch you evolve and grow in extraordinary ways.  Awesome!  Hope to see you soon!

— Anthony Diaz, Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living. March 24th, 2015

As a “doer/worker” type, Mike, I saw the stage full of stuff you bring and immediately thought of how much time and effort it took to do that…
… However, I know you had help, and I’m betting it came from that sweet lady who led such beautiful meditations. Your words were beautiful Paula, but beyond that was the palpable energy of sincerity and love that drew us in.

THANK YOU both for sharing who you are with us.

— Oral Nussbaum, Central Florida Center for Spiritual Living. Feb 25th, 2018