All music and words (c) Mike and Paula Davis

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Mighty blessings, my friends! Thank you for the gift of your presence.

Mike and Paula




A Perfect Day for Love
A Prayer for Loving Kindness
All About Love
All In Favor of Love
All Is Well
As God As It Gets
Awake, Aware, Available and Aligned
Been Home All Along
Bless This House
Build My Ark
Can You Imagine?
Carry Me, Carry You
Children On Christmas Eve
Christmas is Love (Amor Real)
Christmas Meditation
Come Unity
Deep Within
Delight In the Light of Love
Dream Catcher
Dive Right In (vocal)
Dream Catcher
Enlighten Up!
Evening Sketch (All These Years Later)
Faith Is the Hope
Five Thousand Miracles
Give Give Give
Give It All to God
Giving, Gratitude and Grace
Hallelujah, God Be Praised
Hand On My Heart
Healing Heart
Horn of Plenty
I Am More Than This
I Have Walked
I Know That All is Well
In the Presence of Love
I Will
I Will Meet You There
It’s a Namaste Day
Let There Be Light
Listen To Your Soul
Living the Tao
Love Will Show the Way
May I Be
Morning on the Savannah (vocal)
My Heart Is Open to Love
Nothin’ But Heaven
Oh Holy Ocean, A Song For the Gulf
One Light, Many Windows
Our Unity Story
Plant a Seed
Prayer For Loving Kindness (Places instrumental)
Prayer For Loving Kindness (vocal)
Ready to Let Go
Ring That Bell
Running Home to God
Share the Love, Share the Light
Show Me Your Ways, O Lord (vocal)
Song of Resurrection
Soul Deep
Spirit Don’t Do No 9 to 5
Step It Up
That Would Be Enough
There’s Gonna Be a Healing
This Journey Together
Transformation Day
Turning To You
Under the Bodhi Tree
Voice of Peace (the) …  with Alicia Nieves
Walking With Thoreau
Welcome to the Sonlight
With Awe My Heart
You Are, You Are