Scene from the veterinarian’s office …

Our cat Zoƫ had developed a limp and was due for a shot, so in we went. In the waiting room we met a nice couple who rescue cats, a woman with a pregnant German Shepherd and another woman whose tiny, elderly yapper had lost his yap. Conversation was easy and natural, and for a few moments we were a small community of people who cared about their pets. Totally different types of people, but there we were.

I remain convinced that people are essentially good. Sometimes we forget because we’re afraid. Thank goodness for the animals who remind us to love unconditionally.

Raising It Up!

I had been feeling for a while that our website was, well, stale. As a matter of fact, a lot of websites seem a little static, a little uninspiring these days. Was it just me, feeling that old ennui? Nah! No ennui here. We got the old En-Theos (enthusiasm!) working instead.

But the feeling was there – let’s remake this into something more dynamic, or maybe get rid of it altogether.

Enter son Tim: “Dad, what you need is a blog. Much more dynamic and open ended. Much more interactive. Hey, I’ll set it up for you!” And he did. And so now we have, as of today, a blank sheet of paper. How exciting is that?

Our theme? ‘Raising It Up!’ Will you share the journey with us?

Thanks, Tim. You are an exceptional soul and I love you. And thank you, friends, for the gift of your presence.