Sitting quietly today. It’s raining, hard, and I’m thinking about friends and loved ones who have passed from our sight. There have been many, and there will be many more. 

Sometimes it’s someone you’ve only known briefly, but who you liked and respected. Sometimes it’s one of your deepest relationships, and that person had a profound effect on your life. Yesterday marked two years since my mother died.

We are left with each other, with the good happy memories and the difficult sad ones, and with the knowledge that we are who we are because of the people we have known and loved. God speed and mighty blessings to every soul; those who are living this earth life, and those who have flown free. 

‘God bless mothers and fathers, children and friends.’ – Irish blessing

Space is the Place

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl

Bring It To the SonLight

(c) 2016 Mike Davis

Time to give it all to God
Surrender, surrender
to the soul release
time to know the splendor of a heart at peace

Bring it to the light
the Sonlight, the Sonlight; let it be
just pray and see your spirit flying free So

bring it to the light
time to let it go, time to let it go
and bring it to the Sonlight
um um um . . .

Bring it to the light; give it all to God
bring it to the Sonlight
bring it to the Sonlight

Keep It Simple, Sucka!

I was due for a new audio interface. That’s a device that lets you record audio into your computer: you plug in a microphone or an instrument and it converts the sound to digital signals that your recording software can work with.

So I did some research, picked one, and fired off an email to my friends Jeff and Tyler at Sweetwater Sound. The one I ordered is a brand new, latest and greatest kind of thing; lots of features, lots of bells and whistles. Also, a lot of extra software to download and integrate into your system. Not my usual approach, because I’m not all that techy, and installing drivers is not my idea of fun. I just want to plug it in and have it work, because, hey, I have projects to get out the door. Still, I was pretty excited about this thing, and it showed up at my house a couple of days later.

It’s not compatible with my five year old computer.

Well shit. Probably should have dug a little deeper during the research phase, eh? I was bummed out for a minute there, so I got quiet and then I started looking for a solution. Just return it? Get something different? Embark on a hair tearing, time consuming, high prospect of failure type of technical odyssey to try, against all odds, to make it work?

I even floated the idea of, ahem, hey Paula, I know! I could buy a new computer and you could have the old one! To her great credit, she was open to the idea and we kicked it around a bit, but … nah. Overkill solution if ever there was one.

I decided to return it and get something simpler that would be a little less taxing on my system. And my brain. A little more research, with a little more attention to detail this time, a few emails back and forth with Tyler, and I found an alternative that I trust will suit me better. 

The complicated one went back this morning. The simple one will be here in a couple of days. I’ll report back.

The point? No point, really, unless you want to count the one about paying attention to the system requirements. The manufacturers are not joking in that area. 

Oh, yeah, and this: centering, silence and trust followed by decisions and action. Works if you work it!


Singin’ and Sharin’


Unity Church of the Mountains presents Sing For Joy! – a folk music coffeehouse, with your favorite folk music from the 60s. It’s an all sing kinda thing. Live musicians, words on the screen, good friends, good coffee and shared music. Please join us at 6 pm.

Love offering gratefully accepted! 

And about that: at Church of the Mountains we support twelve local helping organizations, one per month. When you attend one of our Sing For Joy community sing-a-longs, we’ll share 80% of your offering with that month’s designated organization. This month, it’s S.A.F.E., a group that’s dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence.

Pollyanna Was Right!

Pollyanna-ish: irrepressibly optimistic, but hopelessly naive, simplistic, head in the sand, and not too bright at that.

Is that true? Or is that point of view a misunderstanding?

In reality Pollyanna represents the the best in us. After all, she changed things for the better, didn’t she?

Please take a minute to Google ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘the Glad Game,’ and then join us at Unity Church of the Mountains on March 3rd as we explore positive thinking, spiritual optimism and and an unshakable faith in the goodness of God.

The Monkees

I was sad to see that Peter Tork passed this morning. His role in the Monkees was basically ‘lovable goof,’ and he played it to perfection. And really, their music stands up very well today. They brought a lot of joy to the world. Godspeed.