Paula Davis – Bio & Photos

Paula instructing Art Camp students at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, Florida

“It’s amazing what one can make from a ball of clay, or coils of clay, or a slab of clay. The finished artwork can be functional or sculptural, or sometimes both. Creating with clay is playful, challenging, calming, and rewarding. It is sheer joy to open the kiln after a glaze firing and behold the finished glazed pieces, like opening presents on a holiday or one’s birthday! I could live ten life times and not exhaust all that can be created with clay.”

Paula Davis began her art career at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park, Florida in 1980. There she honed her skills as a professional photographer. She soon discovered a passion for working with clay as well. Paula taught ceramics and photography at Crealdé for quite a number of years.

In April 2018, she and her husband, musician Mike Davis, moved to the mountains of Northeast Georgia.

Paula’s creative work is infused with whimsy and charm. She is driven by joy and happily shares that joy with others through her artwork. She feels strongly that there’s a spark of creativity in each of us and that art enriches our lives.

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