Talks and Workshops

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‘(the) Benefit of the Divine’
Trusting God in all things.

‘(the) Good New Days’
Murphy’s other law!

Home: these three can work either as stand-a-lone talks or as a series:

1. ‘(the) Connectitarians’
Matthew 18:20 — “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I among them.”
2. ‘Our True Home’
Sweet Spirit, bless this house and bring us all safely home.
3. ‘Home Is Where the Heart Is’
God in our hearts.

‘In the Beginning’
Mike invites us to welcome beginnings and endings; to see each step as an opportunity to learn who we are; and to trust that God will always light our way.

‘I See You’
I see you.
I am listening.
We are healing together, and I am grateful.

‘Running Home to God’
Highlights Mike’s experience with running and the spiritual realization that we are more capable than we sometimes realize.

‘(the) Wisdom of Rinpoche’
Be Kind. Don’t Hurt, Make Yourself Useful.

‘You Have Chosen Wisely’
Imagine a mighty chasm and a bridge that only becomes real when you decide to make the first step. How will you choose?

Mid-Week Services

‘I Am More Than This’ with Paula Davis
Celebrate your recovery from …

‘Prayers for the Earth’ with Paula Davis
This immersive, experiential service offers songs, prayers, readings and more, with a focus on honoring and celebrating our Earth home. A good choice for Wednesday evenings.


Each talk includes special music, congregational singing, and a meditation by Paula Davis, all closely integrated with the topic. If you would prefer to have someone from your community do the meditation, that’s great too.

For each talk, there’s an afternoon concert or workshop available.

I will happily coordinate with your musicians and singers so that we have lots of dimension and involvement.

Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas? You bet!